Secrets Revealed On How To Get White Teeth

How To Get White Teeth – Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

How to get white teeth has always been an object of obsession for many people. In fact, toothpaste companies earned millions out of this strong desire for white teeth.  While some brands work, others just don’t and are too expensive for everyday use. For those who want to have while teeth, here are some of the best methods that are sure to work for them.

The use of baking soda and peroxide are said to be effective home remedies to discolored teeth. In fact, a good number of toothpastes contain baking soda. Baking soda helps remove stains caused by nicotine and caffeine while peroxide acts as a bleaching agent. You don’t have to treat peroxide as your toothpaste though, just dip your toothbrush in a solution before brushing. However, it is not recommended to do this technique everyday because it promotes teeth sensitivity. Rather, use peroxide only once or twice a week.

But if you are not comfortable with the use of baking soda and peroxide, malic acid could be your best option.  Malic acid is a naturally-occurring bleaching agent that is present in strawberries and bananas. A daily dose of fresh strawberries should help brighten your teeth in just two weeks’ time. You can also mash the strawberries and apply the concoction directly onto your teeth. Banana peels, when rubbed directly to your teeth, also produce the same results in the same amount of time. So the decision on which fruit to use is really up to your location and the season.

How To Get White Teeth  – Whitening Myths

There are also common household practices that whiten teeth but create permanent damage to the teeth. There are many myths which claim to know how to get white teeth. Let us dispel some of these widely known teeth whitening myths, and explain how to get white teeth without causing any damage.

Lemon or lime juice and salt are common kitchen staples. They make food taste better but they should not be rubbed directly on teeth. The acidity level of lemon and lime juice can definitely give you those pearly whites that you have been dreaming of but they wear off the enamel that protects your teeth. With the enamel gone and the dentin exposed, your teeth will become yellow – permanently.

In addition, eating salty foods can also damage your teeth, instead of making it look white and healthy. Salt attacks the gum tissues that hold your teeth in place. If the gum tissues are destroyed, there is a high probability that your teeth will fall off. That means goodbye teeth and hello dentures for you.

The use of household bleach to whiten teeth could be considered the most desperate of all measures. Yes, it is effective but it could damage your palates, your tongue and if digested, it could create problems in your esophagus, tonsils and the rest of your digestive system.

The Best Solution

How to get white teeth……If you’ve tried natural all natural means to whiten teeth but is still not getting the results you need, then you should try the Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening System. This is an at-home treatment for whiter teeth that really works. It can be used to substitute the toothpaste you’re using and it costs only a fraction of the money you would most likely spend when you go to the dentist.

In addition, the Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening System even helps break down plaque before they become the unruly tarter. And because the manufacturers trust their system that much, they even offer a free trial. There’s a reason why this product is getting raving reviews; and that’s because it really works.

So if you want a safe and effective means to have, and how to get white teeth, go ahead and try Bella Labs.

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