Teeth Whitening Products are in high demand with millions of people world wide wanting a whiter and brighter smile. Teens and adults have a varied degree of teeth discoloration resulting from many staining factors. This is the reason the teeth whitening industry is booming with business.

People looking for the perfect white smile are looking at teeth whitening reviews in search for a teeth whitening product that works and is simple and cost effective. Read the teeth whitening reviews and comparisons and receive the information on how these top three products have worked for others.

Idol White

Idol White is not only a teeth whitening product but also polishes the teeth as well. It is a one-step process and very simple to use. Results can be seen within 6 days with ideal result within 2 weeks.

Idol White is simple to use and allows full control when applying this product to the teeth. The Idol White applicator is in the shape of a pen, making it simple to apply to both upper and lower teeth.

This teeth whitening product offers a free 2 month trial to those individuals that want to try Idol white before purchasing it.

Bella Labs

Bella Labs brings strength and minerals to the teeth along with being a teeth whitening product. This product is simple to use and is a one-step process in using it. Within a week, people using this teeth whitening product will see optimal results.

Bella Labs is highly recommended for people with sensitive teeth looking for a brighter, whiter smile along with removing dental plaque.

This product is applied by the twisting of a pen-like applicator, making it simple to apply to lower and upper teeth.

Alta White

Alta White whitens the teeth and leaves breathe tasting minty fresh.

This product is a two-step process that is simple to use. The product comes in swabs covered in a solution that needs to be dipped in powder, extracting the right amount of product needed for both the top and bottom row of teeth.

Alta White teeth whitening product will show results within a week by using this product twice a day.